Monthly Archives: July 2014

Sports Day by Evie and Katie

Sports Day 2014 The first race was the egg and spoon, which KS2 didn’t do, instead of using an actual eggs KS1 used tennis balls. The second race was the obstacle, where everything went a bit wobbly as the hoops kept on rolling into other lanes and people kept on tripping up on skipping ropes. […]

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KS2 Music Concert By Joya

Music concert On Tuesday the 15th we had a music concert by Mrs Daws, are music teacher for KS2 it was very fun because the year3 did a dance and it was funny and it went like this: Chocolate Choco Choco Chocolate Choco Choco! It was so fun because everybody laughed because Caroline was crying […]

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KS2 Music Concert By Shannon and Scarlet

School concert On Tuesday 15 July 2014 it was our school concert and me and my friend was very nervous so we started to be brave. In the school concert we sang Vindaloo with all of key stage two and some people played brass instrument and everyone was very proud. Near the end everyone was […]

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Sports Day By Ella and Hannah

Misson sports day Our sports day was on the Monday 14th July 2014.There was lots of races and they were called the potato race , sack race , running race , obstacle race , egg and spoon race , relay race and the clothes race. There was blue , green and red teams. The green […]

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