Monthly Archives: January 2014

Jelly and Ice Cream by Katie

Christmas Jelly and Ice-cream The class went in to the hall and we all found a seat but it took a while because we all wanted to be with our friends. Then the jelly and ice-cream was handed out and that took agers because there was lots of it. The teacher came round with the […]

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Games Day by Finlay

Games Day   Every Christmas time we have a games day where you can bring in a game (example board game, toys, furby and more.) After the register you can play what you like just ask the owner of the game you want to play. In 2013 we watched a movie called Mr Poppers penguins […]

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Misson Primary School Christmas Play by Evie

Misson Primary School Christmas Play by Evie   On Wednesday the Christmas Play started. Reception did There was a Princess Long Ago, retelling the curse. Year One and Two acted out Yorkshire Wildlife Park, trying to get to the ball. Year Three performed Snow White and the seven dwarfs/Ghostbusters. Year Four played Britain’s Got Talent, […]

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School play by Sam (Year 3)

School play At 6 pm we went to school for the play.[it was very rainy!] In the class it was a hustle and bustle to get our costumes on. When the play started we had to be quiet otherwise we would disturb the audience. Soon the year fours went on and we were left alone. […]

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Last December by Max

Last December BY Max When we had our Christmas disco we boogeyed all afternoon.  Until are bones ached and are legs were like jelly we had partied all afternoon! We didn’t know what time it was we had so much fun time had fled by. The last song was Gangam style by PSY.  I thought […]

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Christmas at Misson School

Year three and four children have been writing about their favourite part of Misson’s Christmas celebrations. We got up to lots of fun activities over the festive period. We performed our annual Christmas Pantomime, had Christmas parties, decorated the school and even wore some pretty bright and special Christmas clothes. The next blog posts are […]

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