Monthly Archives: June 2013

Year 5 in the park at Hathersage.

Year 5 outside Padley Chapel shortly into the ‘long walk’ on Monday!

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Final Misson Days by Isaac

In our final days at Misson we have be doing work on Shakespeare, making pizza, we have been to church and we have been planning our leavers service!   In Shakespeare we have been focusing on one play, which is Macbeth! We have seen a little movie. (Which was a bit gross, don’t ask why!) […]

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The Last Days at Misson by Mary

The last days at Misson Primary By Mary   In these last days at Misson Primary we have done a mixture of things such as: making pizzas, learning about Shakespeare’s Macbeth, doing our leavers writing and making bookmarks about church. We have been doing lots in literacy like: watching a video about Macbeth, doing Macbeth […]

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